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Vintage consciousness

I love vintage for so many reasons.  I’ve always been aware of the recycling aspect of buying second-hand, however, it shocked me to find out just how much energy you can save by buying vintage – “a used leather handbag saves as much energy as a flight from London to Paris”, says an article in today’s Toronto Star.

The one thing that I support and repeat consistently is that the quality of vintage often surpasses that of new merchandise.  And now that the company Cooler, is attempting to quantify the impact of buying “previously loved” items, it is a call for all of us to be more conscious about our choices as consumers.  You can pay $40 for a pair of made in China, all synthetic material shoes at H&M, or you can visit your local vintage shop (STACKED!) and find a pair of made in Italy, all leather shoes for the same price (or even less!).

As if you needed another reason to buy vintage?!!  Well, now you can pat yourself on the back too.

To read more about this see the full article in The Toronto Star.



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A few of my favourite things!

Spring is here – I think….

That means time for ankle boots and high heels!!

These are a few of my new favourites in the shop.

Sz. 9 - $35

Size 9 - $35

Size 6.5/7 - $30

Size 7 - $50

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