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This Ain’t No Clog

Chau Har Lee takes the wooden shoe to a whole new level.  Her designs are quite architectural and modern, ranging from the more conceptual design above to more wearable pieces.  Definitely an innovative thinker, I am looking forward to seeing more from this young designer.


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Modern Vintage

Now that the 1990’s have found their place in the vintage market I am asking myself what next?  Is it really a matter of time before trucker hats and thongs above low-rise jeans makes its way back into the scene?  I shudder at the thought but anything is possible.  Let’s try to take things in a different direction.  Perhaps this is where vintage has the potential to make an even greater statement.

Photo courtesy of Cozette

It may seem that vintage is everywhere these days.  However, the further we get from mid-century decades the harder those key pieces are to find – and when we do find them we can marvel over their beauty or nostalgic qualities but do people want to wear them? or are these more fit for an archive?

Model: Jordana - Styling: Sarah Magwood - Photo courtesy of Cozette

That’s where modern vintage comes in – it’s not about going to that Madmen party or channeling Kurt Cobain but about finding something unique.  The value of clothing and accessories that are not in the malls or on the runway, something that you can create out of a personal vision.  In my opinion, ‘vintage’ is moving away from strict definitions and defining decades, towards a freer expression of contemporary style.  It’s MODERN – it’s VINTAGE – it’s AVANT GARDE!  Please – no thongs.

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